Tropical Ice Cover

Tropical Ice Cover

One of the best adventure thrillers I’ve ever read and I’ve read a million! Tropical Ice by my friend and fellow adventurer Ken Smith is a true page-turner. Listen, do you like Clive Cussler’s novels? Ken Smith is a better writer than old Clive, and he’s actually lived the life he writes about. Go! Buy! Trust me! You won’t be sorry.”

Homer Hickam, author
Rocket Boys/October Sky
Carrying Albert Home


The Setting: Belize, Central America

The remote, unpopulated cayes of Belize, stifling hot and torn by vicious hurricanes; hidden mangrove channels, where crocodiles lurk; the coral reefs, some resplendent with magnificent corals and colorful fish, others dying, dead and vacant; the Caribbean sea, where rogue Chinese fisherman slaughter endless sharks; a musty apothecary, lined with jars of mysterious powders, fictiously claimed to return vitality to the flaccid men shuffling through the doors; the Catscomb Mountains, where jaguars move freely; Belize City, humid, dangerous and daunting; a tourist lodge, built deep in rainforests alive with howler monkeys and rare birds; a Chinese restaurant, where the local elite and powerful Americans, smoking Cuban cigars, dine on the flesh of exotic species; even the edges of the Florida Everglades, where a few remaining panthers struggle to survive.

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