Author Ken Smith

Author Ken Smith

I’ve been forever publishing and editing the subscription-only consumer newsletter, Undercurrent ( for traveling scuba divers, reviewing resorts and liveaboard dive boats worldwide, writing under a nom de plume. My articles have appeared in Skin Diver Magazine, Outside, Men’s Journal, Adventure Travel, and several national newspapers.

Yet, this was only a sideline to my full-time consulting to nonprofit organizations such as Greenpeace, the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Sierra Club, and many public television stations, a business from which I have retired.

I had the daydream for Tropical Ice on Bourbon Street while drinking my third Hurricane and reminiscing about my many trips to Belize.

I’m a warm water diver and a constant hiker, exploring trails with my wife here and abroad. I spend many days writing at Sea Ranch on the Sonoma coast, staring at the waves to find the next sentence or two. My next book involves an evil business cabal that not only takes to the oceans and hijacks and manipulates data to overrun the environment for its own gain but also captures dolphins to harvest their organs because of the phony notion that the enzymes might save the life of one filthy-rich immoral man. Matt and Maxie will once again have a load on their hands.