The Book

Synopsis: Tropical Ice

Forty million sharks will be left to die this year after their fins have been hacked off and sent to Asia to make sharkfin soup. So, when struggling travel writer Matthew Oliver discovers thousands of shark fins hidden on a tiny tropical island in Belize, his life changes forever.

Tropic Ice Cover

Tropical Ice Cover

The Story

Scuba divers panic and flee the unexpected, as frenzied sharks rip fish heads from a frozen bait ball during a resort’s organized shark feed. Matt Oliver, still mourning his father’s suspicious death, arrives in Belize the next day on a travel writing assignment, already under the watchful eye of the local police for his disruptive behavior on the flight down.

Learning that the police believe his friend and resort owner Jack Africa was involved in a murder, Matt tries to clear Jack’s name, but he stumbles into a violent game of international intrigue, financed by wanton wildlife poaching. Pitted against a ruthless Hong Kong expat, Martin Chin, who is producing phony aphrodisiacs from seahorses and other creatures, as well as running a shark-finning ring, Matt narrowly escapes death at the hands of mysterious thugs, who chase him relentlessly.

Fearful of the dangers, he seeks help from Maxie McCaw, an ex-girlfriend, and a federal agent. After staying in a remote rainforest lodge run by Cat Mander, a beautiful woman with her own dark secrets, Matt finds himself in deeper trouble when he discovers tons of bloody shark fins on a remote Belize island, as well as a splendid jaguar, far from its natural range, and then encounters Trey Turnbull, a corrupt American conservationist and big game hunter with surreptitious ties to Martin Chin and Laddie B. Barber, the bumbling American ambassador to Belize. With more resolve than ever, Matt charges ahead into a climax filled with twists, turns, retribution for his father’s death and love interrupted.