In KL Smith’s latest, Tropical Ice, you can taste the rum, feel the heat, and smell the blood. Like a sun-bleached palm frond crusted in sea salt, there’s a rough coating of true-life Caribbean clinging to every phrase and scene. Relax, enjoy, read, and find yourself transported to a place where the trade winds mask murder, parts of some fish are worth their weight in gold, and smiles hide greed heated to boiling by the equatorial sun.”

Alan Dean Foster, award-winning novelist
Star Wars, The Chronicles of Riddick, Star Trek

Tropical Ice moves faster than a hungry shark. Smith knows the Caribbean, its culture, people, and wildlife. He brings them together in a nail-biting page-turner, one that pits a reluctant travel writer against the underbelly of Belize: poachers, police, evil expats, and killer hurricanes. Two strong women – federal agent Maxie McCaw is one tough cookie — contribute to endless surprises. The book’s ending – actually there’s more than one remarkable ending– is one that I sure never saw that coming.

Mary Peachin, Author
The Complete Idiots Guide Sharks, Scuba Caribbean

Not enough mainstream fiction confronts the wonton killing of wildlife, but Smith attacks it head on: jaguar trophy hunting, shark finning, reef raping for phony Asian aphrodisiacs, lavish dinners featuring endangered species, you name it. Matt Oliver, mourning his father’s death in Belize’ wilds, finds himself in deep trouble with police even before he steps on the Belize tarmac. His chances for leaving the country alive worsen by the day as he becomes embroiled in a Caribbean cauldron of deceit and death. Even for environmentalists, this book is an eye opener.

Rodger Schlickeisen, Past President
Defenders of Wildlife

KL Smith’s Tropical Ice chills like a good thriller should. Smith’s unflinching look at the cruel practice of shark finning, his skillful storytelling, and one very hot plot–chock full of intrigue–engage readers from start to finish. What a ride!

Jill Robinson, award-winning novelist
More in Anger and Lovely in her Bones

 Some excellent fiction writers fail when it comes to researching their subject properly. Some, more knowledgeable, write fictional stories but don’t have the necessary skills of authorship. Smith avoids both pitfalls. He knows his subject and uses it to weave an engrossing story, set in the less glamorous Caribbean. It’s a tale of crimes on an industrial scale against the natural world, murder, politics, — and full of twists and turns to its final outcome.

John Bantin, Author,
Amazing Dive Stories and Shark Bytes

 Tropical Ice is full of intrigue, corruption, murder, revenge, romance, and the quest of morally minded individuals for justice in many forms. I was hooked from the beginning by the compelling action, fast-moving but layered plot, the sharply drawn characters, and the vivid and apparently authentic descriptions of the setting, both above and below water. While it is fiction, it might be a new breed—its story embraces today’s realities of environmental degradation through greed and need and the people who fight against such forces.                                                

Steven Ross Smith, award-winning poet,
Former Director of Literary Arts, Banff Centre

Tropical Ice is a fast moving thriller that would grab any adventure reader but will especially appeal to scuba divers. It’s a well-crafted tale of intrigue, suspense, corrupt behavior and a nice nod to conservation. Perfect for the beach, poolside, or long decompression stops.”

Bret Gilliam, Award winning writer and cinematographer,
past  publisher Fathoms Magazine